SIM cards

Open cells SIM card, version 3 is the same as previous versions, except we reduced useless plastic card size and changed the printing.

The cards offer 2FF, 3FF and 4FF detachable formats.

It is configured for 3GPP: GSM, WCDMA, LTE with milenage algorithm to perform 3GPP standard subscriber identification. We don’t provide additional features related to Java applets.

We provide your custom settings and admin codes to change all the configuration yourself
(except the admin code itself, than can’t be modified).

Some parts of personalization doesn’t require to be standardized: only the operator has to use this interface to change the subscription. So the existing programming tools are not fully compatible with all UICC cards vendors.

Our cards are kept open for later personalization: these cards are not for commercial regular operator  that would like to lock forever any UICC modification.

We have developed a open source Linux tool: uicc programing

This SW works with a card reader/writer to personalize these cards.

Our card interface is a standard one: raw dialog over a serial interface. These readers are seen as a standard bidirectional serial link over USB in Linux and windows. Any other raw serial interface UICC to USB would be compatible.

Another type of reader is frequently available: PCSC protocol ( Such readers need drivers. It won’t work with our SW, except if you develop the PC/SC protocol enhancement (quite easy, please contribute to our open source SW).

We provide support, only to our customers using our products together: our SW, our cards, our card reader, on Linux.

We supply the cards ready to use (programmed) for OpenAir: telecom values match our hss example database: Open Cells Tuto.

Our HSS database also works fine with other OpenAirInterface variants, branches, … as long as the HSS database structure (MySQL schema) is not modified in this specific branch.

We provide a (random generated) ADM code for all cards in each order: our cards remain open for you to change all values (IMSI, network name, milenage: OPC, Ki, …).

You can specify the ADM code, or give us your specifications for this password generation (for example, if you don’t need security, you can specify a trial ADM like 01234567). The ADM code will be written on each invoice.

If you need we configure the cards with other values write us:

Shipping by express postal service is fixed price: 5€, we offer parcel tracking for orders > 100€

UICC/SIM: 5€/piece

card reader/writer: 5€/piece

If you want a faster & easier card insert/remove operation or if you want to keep the cards full format, we also sell the 1FF/2FF format converters.

converter usage

1FF-2FF converter: 3€/piece


If you order inside Europe, please provide us with your EU company tax id

(no tax will be charged).