LimeSDR installation

Tutorial to install LimeSDR USB instead of USRP in the setup described in:

OpenAir, single machine Ubuntu 17.04, after major EPC update

Considering LimeSDR is under development we will install all from source

Add Ubuntu packages required by SoapySDR and LimSDR

sudo apt-get install cmake g++ libpython-dev python-numpy swig git libsqlite3-dev libi2c-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev libwxgtk3.0-dev freeglut3-dev

Install SoapySDR

git clone
cd SoapySDR
git pull origin master
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make -j4
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

Install LimeSDR

git clone
cd LimeSuite
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make -j4
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
cd ../udev-rules/
sudo ./
# Download board firmware
sudo LimeUtil --update

Now, we can implement all the tuto made for USRP, changing a few parameters

Compile OpenAirInterface softmodem, as for USRP

./cmake_targets/build_oai -c -w LMSSDR --eNB --UE

To run, you need a config file specific for the LimeSDR board

./cmake_targets/lte_build_oai/build/lte-softmodem -d -O enb.conf --rf-config-file targets/ARCH/LMSSDR/LimeSDR_above_1p8GHz_1v4.ini

This config file is for 1v4 or 1v4s LimeSDR board revision (revision is written on the board).

The connector to use with this config file: RX1_H and TX1_2

I managed to attach a regular UE fdd band 7, but the throughput and stability is much poorer than my USRP.

I’ll try to make better radio configuration soon.

4 thoughts on “LimeSDR installation”

  1. Hi Laurent,

    Thanks for posting this and for your contributions to OAI. One note on above, we have had significantly performance with LimeSDR_above_1p8GHz.ini instead of the LimeSDR_above_1p8GHz_1v4.ini file with our v4 boards. Perhaps this will help with the throughput issue you reference above.


    1. Thanks Joey,

      Meanwhile, we worked also with Lime team: they improved a lot the calibration procedure 2 weeks ago.

      It is not yet perfect, but it is much better.
      I will publish another note, more complete with LTE R&S analyzer snapshots.

      There is a big Q/A on Myriad forum:

      My latest status is the Tx gain parameter is not stable across the possible RF frequency band: some bands Tx saturates (LTE DL signal) at gain=0.2, some other bands require gain=0.5 to have a decent outut power.

  2. Hi Laurent,

    Thank you for a very detailed guide.
    I have been able to setup everything using the guide “All in one OpenAirInterface, August 22nd”.

    Can you kindly share the .ini and enb.conf file?

    If I load the LimeSDR_above_1p8GHz.ini into LimeSUiteGUI the Tx is 1850MHz and Rx 1755MHz while in the enb.ban7.lmssdr.conf the DL is 2680MHz(LTE band 7). Do I need to change the .ini file or am I missing something?


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