dielectric duplexers

Dielectric duplexers

We consider to make dielectric duplexers.

We would like some feedback on this post from interested future customers (no commitment).

The early prototype is like this with SMA connectors

This is much cheaper and smaller than cavity duplexers.

The technical specifications are also a bit lower: insertion loss is about 2dB, rejection between channels is around 50dB, maximum power near 2 watts

Target price would be 50€/piece,
shipping will also be low cost as the device is small.

We consider these 3 bands


Connectors can be SMA or U.FL (we will supply also the cables if needed).

We actually need some feedback to decide to produce these devices

If you need some other devices on top of USRP, Lime, … you can also feedback in this post.

15 thoughts on “dielectric duplexers”

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for your positive feedback.
      We received only a very few mark of interest until now.

    1. Hi everybody,
      We can find dielectric duplexers in this band and many other items.
      The problem is that our minimum order is quite large, so we need some potential customers feedback before purchase & stock goods.

  1. Quite interesting. Do your suppliers also offer something for 430-432/438-440 MHz? We see some potential in such a duplexer for use with smal ham radio MMDVM repeaters for digital voice modes.

    Ralph, dk5ras.

    1. Thanks for your feedback.
      We decided to make it and also some other bands, but we will not make band 13 (no positive feedback).
      We expect to have available stock and price before end of July (we are still on 50€/piece target)

  2. Hi Laurent

    We are interested in LTE Band 13 please when can you provide it ?

    1. Hi,
      We will release very soon the product, but not band 13 (nobody asked before you).
      We will offer dielectric duplexers for bands: 1, 3, 5, 7.
      We won’t extend to other bands, except if we can secure a large initial order.

  3. Can you already provide a datasheet. We would also be interested in Band 28.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi,
      We will make our new offer description, with datasheet by the end of this week.
      Nevertheless, we will have in stock: bands: 1, 3, 5, 7
      About other bands, we can discuss case by case, but the price and delay will be higher

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