RF small goods

RF must to have items

These goods are in stock to help our duplexers customers to build a full setup with SDR boards

Price list

  • antennas: sold. No stock, if we get some intention of order, we refill our stock
    • the 3 types are 700Mhz-2700Mhz
    • such antennas minimum energy emission is in the antenna rod direction
    • the maximum energy emission is orthogonal to the antenna rod
    • the longer is the antenna, the higher is the gain in orthogonal direction
      the emission is closer to a thin plane disk
    • on the reverse, short antennas emission is broader
      (it emits more up and down)
  • Short cables, only 20cm (no 15cm left): 5€
  • 50cm cable (stock empty): 8€
  • CRC9-SMA (huawei dongle antenna port to SMA): 4€
  • Attenuator 0-6GHz (10dB, 20dB, 30dB in stock): 15€
  • Variable attenuator 0-4GHz passive (no power supply)
    8 push buttons that adds their values when pressed
    buttons values: 1/2/4/8/16/20/20/20 dB
    SMA-SMA connectors
    a direction is written on the attenuator, but it works in both directions

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