RF small goods

RF must to have items

20cm, RG402 (semi-rigid) SMA-SMA (22cm end-end)

20cm SMA RG402: 5€/piece

U.FL of W.FL to SMA

Long ones are U.FL (like limeSDR) short ones are W.FL (like Quectel, Simcom modules)

W.FL-SMA: 3€/piece

U.FL-SMA: 3€/piece

Fix value SMA-F to SMA-M attenuator 0-6GHz

10dB attenuator SMA: 15€/piece

20dB attenuator SMA: 15€/piece

30dB attenuator SMA: 15€/piece

Urgent shipping by DHL/UPS/FedEx fast service (incoterm DAP): 50€

If you use urgent shipping, please provide us a phone number (by email or on the paypal ticket) for parcel delivery

If you order inside Europe, please provide us with your EU company tax id

We may also provide other RF goods, including USRP B210 clones
(Ettus released open source schema and driver).

Write us for a quotation