Master level internship

We offer a 6 month internship for master or école d’ingénieur student.

Design and implement a real-time data visualization software for
4G and 5G radio channels

This new software will use and interface with OpenAirInterface.

The work is to extract the radio signal measurements from the existing openairinterface software and to process it to create metrics.

Extracted and process data from will be transmitted to a new program, written by you to visualize this data.

A example of the expected result is

If the work progress fast enough, we will add visualizations per connected terminal (smartphone) and interactive dialog with the user to change the settings in a running 4G/5G base station (a cellular network “radio tower”).

The visualization part require a good level in visualization software: can be done directly in a web browser (websockets, Jcanvas and html5 graphs) or as a regular application: C++ gui frameworks like Qt. In this second case, the student will also study the webassembly technology to be able to run the GUI in a web browser.

The data processing part require to understand signal processing (signal energy, noise, error vector magnitude, Fourier transforms, …).

Working context

You will work with me, an expert of telecom software and with the OpenAirInterface community.

See:, the web site for more details

The materials of our last workshop in ETSI offers a good view on the on-going activities

The premises are in Palaiseau, near a RER station, about 20km from Paris (30 minutes of RER train from Paris center).

Remote work from any location can be possible from part of your working time.

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